Solving your Toughest Problems with a Positive Mindset.

Are you looking to increase the performance of your team and solve your most pressing business challenges?  A positive attitude has been scientifically proven to improve individual and team results. Sounds simple, but it’s not easy.

Are you ready to learn how to increase positivity, ‘attitude fitness,’ and leadership skills for you and your team, to overcome even your most daunting challenges?

Steve delivers his inspirational story and his practical positivity principles in an engaging workshop format that will change the way your team interacts and solves problems.  Steve’s work as an executive at Dell and his skillset in leading large global organizations through massive changes gives him the practical experience needed to relate to any business challenge for audiences around the globe.

After Steve started sharing the story about his miraculous recovery and how his attitude literally saved his life, he wondered why so many people at Dell wanted him to share his experiences.  He realized that the story wasn’t about the accident, it was about his recovery and the role his attitude played in saving his life.  The story is about how important your attitude is in achieving amazing results.

As he continued to speak about it to business audiences, he realized he had boiled down positive leadership to eight positivity principles.  Today, thousands of business leaders are benefing from the story.

With Steve’s pragmatic and engaging approach, he inspires teams with his inspirational story and walks them through the positive leadership principles in a workshop setting where they not only learn new skills, but create the implementation plans to take immediate action on their business challenges.

Make a difference in yourself or your team.  Steve can custom design a workshop from 2 hours to 8 hours depending on your need and time constraints.

If you are interested in your own personal development, Steve offers Individual executive coaching. His executive experience enables him to relate to and help solve the complex challenges faced by today’s business executives.

Head First

A crash course in positivity

How an attitude saved a life and how you can solve your toughest problems using 8 practical principles on positivity.

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