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“It’s not often I feel so quickly and honestly moved as I was reading “HEAD FIRST.” It truly vibrates with positive thought and from the first chapter exudes positive coaching that is impossible to resist. Simple steps sincerely influence us while walking us toward how we “can” find more control in our lives if we wish to become more positive and joyful. “Steve vs. tree” rallied from the brink to share his positivity and purpose with all of us. I also recommend the quiz on –  the feedback is terrific.”
– S. Huston


“The positivity principle in Steve’s book that spoke the loudest to me is #2 “Focus on What you Control.” After losing my Dad, my job and ending a 9 year relationship in less than a year, realizing that I had No control over any of those events has helped me to realize that I can focus on what I do have control of. Time with my kids and the direction of my own happiness and life!”
– Dawn Jackson


“As an academic who has recently been appointed to an administrative position at a state university, I appreciated this book’s insight on promoting a positive environment in the workplace.”
– Dr. Angela F. Murphy, Professor of History, Texas State University
“Steve’s story highlights how anyone can have an impact on themselves, their family and their teams by focusing on positivity in their daily actions.  In this book, Steve provides practical insights into how he used this important principle to help himself heal, but also provides tools and insights as to how individuals and leaders can apply these principles to grow themselves personally and their teams professionally.  An inspirational story that has practical application.”
– Steve Lalla


“Steve Lawton’s remarkably-told true story of awakening and transformation invite us all to Head First in the direction of mindful awareness and self-discovery.  Take the steps offered through this pragmatic approach to discover a new life of contagious optimism, purposeful outcomes, and limitless productivity.”
– Heidi Guthrie, Owner, EnDesign Inc.


A crash course in positivity

After a life-threatening ski accident, doctors weren’t sure Steve H. Lawton would survive. But because of his attitude, a helmet, a message from God, and a rubber chicken named Henrietta, Lawton not only survived, but recovered nearly completely and lives to share his tale and the wonders of positivity.

In addition to being an incredibly inspirational story, the eight practical positivity principles and instructions on how to implement them will change your life immediately. Steve uses his executive experience to help leaders to perform better and companies to achieve better results. These lessons apply in personal situations as well, whether everything in your life is great, you are experiencing parenting challenges in your home, or even find yourself in a health crisis.

“I appreciated this book’s insight on promoting a positive environment in the workplace.” – Dr. Angela F. Murphy, Professor of History, Texas State University

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Head First

A crash course in positivity

How an attitude saved a life and how you can solve your toughest problems using 8 practical principles on positivity.

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