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Everyone is a good leader when things are going well.  You won’t discover your true leadership abilities until you are leading through serious challenges. Your attitude plays a crucial role in leadership and overcoming challenges. Are you ready to learn how to better solve your most daunting challenges?  Increasing your positivity and your ‘attitude fitness’ will make an immediate difference.

As an Executive at Dell and throughout his 25+ year career, Steve has led many teams through difficult challenges.  He developed a strong skillset in solving complex problems and successfully leading large organizations through transformational changes.  By combining his executive experience and his near death experience, Steve has already helped thousands of leaders around the world.

Through his inspirational story, Steve’s eight principles of positivity, and instructions on how to apply them, leaders will improve their attitude fitness, leadership skills and learn how to solve their toughest problems using a positive mindset.

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Head First

A crash course in positivity

How an attitude saved a life and how you can solve your toughest problems using 8 practical principles on positivity.

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