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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Mindfulness is a valuable practice that is complementary, if not the foundation upon which a positive mindset can flourish.    Most of us haven’t considered that we don’t have to be captives of our wandering mind, going with whatever thoughts spring up in the moment. Who tells our brain what to think about?  This is what we explore when we are being mindful.  As I’ve implemented a daily practice of mindfulness, I see why they tell you to focus on your breath.  It’s simple but diabolically difficult.

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Ever get so caught up in your busy schedules, worries or problems that you lose sight of what’s really important to you and react poorly in a situation?  It happens to all of us, but with a little effort, you can shift from reacting to responding.  I would like to share a simple (but not that easy) approach to give yourself some space between stimulus and response.

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