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A fishing bobber is a great analogy for describing positivity. The bobber can represent both aspects of positivity; the position of the bobber in the water represents your current mindset, and the size and buoyancy of the bobber represents your mental resilience or  #AttitudeFitness.

Your attitude is like a fishing bobber

The position in the water represents your mindset, the size represents your mental resiliance

Sometimes your bobber is floating on the surface; you are happy, satisfied, in a positive mindset and performing at your best. Then your bobber is pulled underwater; something happened and you are being pulled somewhere that you didn’t expect. You find yourself out of the positive mindset and experiencing sadness, anger, frustration. It happens to all of us.

If your bobber does get pulled underwater, how strong or buoyant is your bobber? Think of the strength or buoyancy of your bobber as your positivity potential. When your bobber gets pulled underwater, how much buoyancy force is pulling you back to the surface? This represents what I like to call your #AttitudeFitness. Do you have the attitude fitness to enable you to effectively cope with these feelings?

Sadness, anger, and frustration are natural emotions and you can’t ignore or suppress them. I’ve tried and it doesn’t work. They are important tools that help us get through difficult situations and learn from them. We use them to cope with the situation, learn what we can, and figure out how to move forward.

When your bobber gets pulled under because of a change, challenge, or setback in your life and you are experiencing these emotions, is your bobber strong enough to pull you back to the surface? What is the force or potential it has to return you to a positive mindset?

Sometimes what pulls our bobber underwater isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Maybe you have a fish on the line—a goal or an opportunity that is difficult to achieve—and you are being pulled down by a setback or feeling overwhelmed or doubting yourself. By having that bobber full of potential, you can pull yourself and that prize back to the surface and find the path to realizing your dream.

Your position and strength of your bobber is in your control. You can place your bobber on the surface by doing any one of a multitude of positivity exercises. And, through neuroplasticity, you can increase the buoyancy force of your bobber. By practicing positivity regularly, and building up your #AttitudeFitness, you will increase your bobber’s potential so that when you inevitably experience a challenge, you can overcome it.

If you happen to be in a good place and your bobber is resting on the surface right now, take the time to strengthen your #AttitudeFitness, build the positivity circuits in your brain and increase the buoyancy potential of your bobber. Then, when your bobber is inevitably pulled under, your positivity potential will be more capable of bringing you back to the surface, and you will be better equipped to not only overcome, but also to learn and grow from the setback that brought you down.

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